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Paul Elliott – Entrepreneur

AboutAbout Paul Elliott

Entrepreneur & Inventor

Paul Elliott is a dual-national serial entrepreneur, inventor, and business strategist. He started his first business at the age of 19 producing events around the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. It was in Myrtle Beach that he found his passion for technology and created a grocery delivery service with an Uber-like business model with then business partner David Spang. The delivery service gained partnerships with grocers and expanded rapidly into multiple States on the East Coast, delivering millions of dollars in groceries. Paul and David then used the success of their grocery delivery service to invent a Power Bank wristband that could charge any mobile device. They took their invention on the road to Music Festivals, to rent out the wristbands for unlimited charging to the attendees. They quickly expanded into all of the largest events in the United States. They were invited to showcase their invention at Tech Crunch Disrupt in NYC as well as the CES expo in Las Vegas. It was at CES that Paul was given the opportunity to present the invention to a panel of Amazon executives for a special program that offered national distribution. Once part of the program, the wristband saw online sales skyrocket. After a few years, Paul decided to pursue new interests. He went on to work with Funded Today that has sold over $200M in products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo by having his newly formed agency, Mind2Matter, develop products for them to sell. Paul’s Agency Mind2Matter has grown to over 60 developers and designers. They’ve built POS systems, workflow management software for SMB’s, and iOS & Android mobile applications

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Paul Elliott loves helping others reach their business goals. He offers weekly consulting through his agency Mind2Matter
Paul Elliott and his team are capable of taking any problem and innovating a creative solution to solve that problem. They are a highly regarded R&D team that will heavily safe-guard your proprietary IP so that your business can focus on your strengths.
Paul and his team are excellent at designing, developing and manufacturing a vast array of products. Whatever your mind may conceive, best believe their team can achieve.
Paul Elliott and his team of 50 developers and designers can build any web or app development project that you could possibly think of. Their experience and expertise not only promises a high quality deliverable but an efficiently quick one.


Paul Elliott has an extensive track record of customer satisfaction, hours worked and positive feedback.













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    Paul and his team went above and beyond to make my platform come to life. They thought of things that I didn't and delivered exactly what I needed to be successful

    • Michel H. Wilson
    • Web Development
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    Mind2Matter built me an amazing app that exceeded my expectations, considering my low budget

    • Robert J. Smith
    • App Development
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    Paul and his team created a beautiful and professional website for my business and the process was so easy and smooth

    • David Marsh
    • E-commerce Development